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Our books have been categorized into 20 headings with about 120 lower categories, literature genres. Comics can be found in their own groups below. You can enter each of these categories by just clicking it.

This site map and the categorization in this webshop is in English. Most of our books are naturally in Finnish language, but we do have a few thousand in English, too. All of these are mixed inside their literature genres, categories.

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The English language version of this webshop gives only very limited information about the items, the item name and price and with some items the condition and type of binding.

For further information, please ask us directly by using this mail service template.

tekijä/toimittaja = author/editor

nimeke = title

kustantaja = publisher

painovuosi = printing year

painos = edition (or printing)

sivumäärä = number of pages

sidonta = type of binding

kunto = condition

kieli = language

nidottu = paperback

sidottu = bound

kansipaperit = dust cover

ei kansipapereita = no dust cover

K5 = uutta vastaava = like new

K4 = erinomainen = excellent

K3 = hyvä = good

K2 = tyydyttävä = satisfactory

K1 = heikko = poor

suomi = Finnish

englanti = English

ruotsi = Swedish

saksa = German

ranska = French