Antiquarian Bookstore Tessi - a vintage brick-and-mortar store

We are located at the heart of Tapiola Garden City, in its old center, as a vintage brick-and-mortar antiquarian bookstore in the Mäntytorni apartment tower. This building was one of the very first ones to be built in Tapiola, and our shop was the first shop to open here. Books have been sold here since the spring of 1954, and this became an antiquarian bookstore in the 1970s.

Our online shop

1. Search through the shelves of our online store and choose your items for your basket.

2. Choose the delivery method - by mail or pick up from our store.

3. i) Delivery fee is 4,90€ for orders below 60€ to Finland.

ii) Delivery fee is 9,90 for orders with home delivery to Finland.

iii) To deliveries outside Finland we add the Finnish Mail postal service costs as such.

4. Pay directly (*) by Klarna Payment Service, or

5. Choose invoice prepayment by bank transfer or paypal after order confirmation, and

6. Wait for the delivery :-)

(*) the direct payment is possible only for deliveries to Finland, as to all deliveries elsewhere we need to add the specific postal fee.

Finland. One of the Nordic Countries in Europe.

The City of Espoo. At the Southern coast.

Tapiola Garden City. West of the Capital Helsinki.

There is a metro line from Helsinki to Tapiola.

Our shop is just next to Kino Tapiola... the white tower of Mäntytorni.

Instructions for Safe Shopping in our Store (Covid-19)

1. If you experience any flu symptoms such as cough or fever or do not feel well, please go home and take care of yourself. Our online shop is always open and you can choose a delivery directly to your home door.

2. We have very narrow corridors in our shop and and face mask is thus mandatory, even if you are fully covid-vaccinated. This is to best protect our customers, ourselves and those near and dear to all of us.

3. When entering our shop, please use the hand disinfectant available before touching anything.

4. Please keep a safe distance to other customers and the personnel.